Fingy Un-Sized & Stand


An un-sized standard fit Fingy and Fingy Stand bundle


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If you want to get in on the Fingy craze, but are in no need of a precisely fit finger prosthetic, our Fingy Un-Sized option is the perfect option for you! Paired with out Fingy Stand, the Fingy Un-Sized is a fully functioning finger accessory equipped with all the features of our main Fingy Prosthetic. This is to be a desk trinket or conversation starter, even a toy to fidget with to pass time! And the best part is that with every Fingy Un-Sized model sold we will donate a free Fingy Prosthetic to a person in need!

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This Fingy model is created at a standard one-fits-all size. This model is wearable, but for a precise fit look to our Fingy Prosthetic for more accurate sizing.

Table Top Stand


Fingy Un-Sized Color Options

White, Grey, Black, Blue, Red, Green