Fingy Prosthetic


A jointed prosthetic finger to replace missing distal phalanges, custom fit for you!

Use our custom AI to size your Fingy perfectly for you!

This personally customized product requires you to save a photo generated by our sizing guide to guarantee a perfect fit


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Our Fingy Prosthetic is a jointed prosthetic finger to replace missing distal phalange (DP) joints. Using our proprietary hand scanning method, we give you the tools to size your desired finger right from the Internet and order a custom-fit finger prosthetic! 

To properly size your finger for a custom-built fit, please follow our Fingy3D Hand Sizing Guide. This will allow us to make sure your Fingy Prosthetic works so well you forget you're even wearing one!


Additional information

Custom Fit

Using our hand scanning guide, we leverage advanced artificial intelligence to be able to accurately scan your hand and create a custom Fingy Prosthetic specially fit for you!

Fingy Color Options

White, Grey, Black, Blue, Red, Green